Family Run

The name Wolkite calls attention to the positive aspects of Ethiopians, in particular the gurage. The Gurage people are highly entrepreneurial people with a culture of social mobility that celebrates hard work. Hence the story begins in Wolkite, Ethiopia, where we learned the secrets of Ethiopian cooking in our mother’s kitchen, discovering beauty and harmony in food that is well-prepared. For many years, we lived and worked in our native country Ethiopia and London, cultivating the craft until the day we were able to realize our dream of opening a restaurant.

Wolkite is a family run business established since 2011. Our aim is to enchant you with culinary experience brought to you with love from Ethiopia. Wolkite Restaurant has its roots from an ancient place where sharing, generosity and hospitality are the distinctive features of Ethiopian culture and comes with an act of friendship and love.

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Birthday Party

Book a table for a unique birthday party and indulge on a spread of Ethiopian plates to share with your friends.

Graduation Party

Book your graduation event and allow us to delight your guests with an Ethiopian treats.

Engagment Party

Whether you're the hosts or guests of honour, you and your other half will enjoy some well-deserved special treatment at Wolkite.